Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Be Confident in Doing Magic Tricks

As a magician, you have a leeway for becoming better or lousier in your skill. You have to minimize flaws and mimic like an unbeatable magician. What I wrote in here will give you the basic steps.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Magic Tricks Revealed Were Never Easier With This Simple But Powerful Card Trick

This deceptively simple yet overwhelmingly powerful card trick is so easy to learn that by the time you finish reading this article you'll have a trick up your sleeve that will never cease to amaze your lucky audience.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Magic? You Mean MY Life? Oh, Yeah, Baby!

Recently, the Divine (or Spirit or God or the Universe - however you wish to refer to it) reminded me that when we put our intention out there - and especially when we speak it to others - it shows up in our lives. Now this isn't something new; we've been hearing about it for years.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Make The Most Of Free Article Submission

Free article submission is only effective if you use the marketing tool correctly and to its full potential. The way to do this is simple, but often ignored. Four basic principles of effective free article submission include:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Mysterious Magic of Obeah Love Spells

Love spells are an intriguing concept of magic that has travelled through time and still persist in the modern society as strong as it did in the past. Love is a feeling, an emotion that can never be matched to any other feeling or emotion and it is the most pure of its form. When one encounters this utterly powerful feeling for someone else, there is only little that one can do to get out of it. The feeling grows strongly into you and the more you see or listen or get to know about the person in concern, you are irreversibly falling head over heels on them. However, what if you are the only one that feels this way, what if the other person does not feel the same? What if the other person sees you not more than a friend or an acquaintance? How do you convince them of purity and genuineness of your love? It is a tricky question not many know the answer of.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Personal Review of The Magic of Making Up

For those of us that have experienced going through a break up in what we thought was a good relationship, we have found ourselves at a loss as to what happened to bring us to this point and can we fix it. There is a very well written guide that I have used called The Magic of Making Up that uses proven methods to help you get your girlfriend or boyfriend back.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Teach Me A Magic Trick - Paper Tricks

Performing magic tricks has always been one of the most popular past times enjoyed by a lot of people from all walks of life. There are various kinds of magic tricks. One of many kinds of the usual scene-stealing tricks is a paper trick. There could be innumerable ways to deliver a paper trick. Here are a few of those paper tricks that can be easily learned by a new magic aficionado:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Web Site Traffic: The Best Way To Get It

There are two major methods of positioning yourself to high traffic-generating information. One way is by using lots of articles that you post at article directories and at your site. This method is tricky and to be effective will need thousands of keyword rich articles.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Public Speaking Training

There's no magic pill to overcome stage fright. Confidence is gained and skills are honed over a period of time. Public speaking training courses range from self-help booklets to one-day seminars and workshops to extensive training sessions. Make sure that the course meets all your specific requirements. Choosing the wrong course can scare you away from public speaking for good. However, always remember that there is a possibility of success, and that if you fail, later success is still possible.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Live Psychic Readings

During a live reading, a psychic reader usually begins the session by discussing the initial deluge of messages that come to him for the seeker. Contrary to popular misconception, there is no magic involved and psychic readings are not akin to fortune telling. Psychic readers have a very strong intuition, and it is this "sixth sense" or extra sensory perception, which makes them aware of things a common person cannot perceive.

Playing Small And Medium Pocket Pairs In Texas Hold'em

There are many different theories out there as to how to play small and medium pocket pairs in Texas Hold'em, but one thing is clear: a lot of players make crucial errors with these hands that end up costing them dearly in tournaments and cash games. These starting hands, pocket deuces all the way up to pocket tens, are undoubtedly very tricky and there is no one right way to play them. As with most strategic or theoretical discussions of poker the context of the hand is all-important. How many players are in the pot? How many players are left to act? What is their style of play? What is your status at the table in terms of chips, previous play, and your general table image? And those questions barely scrape the surface in terms of what you need to consider before you act.

Photography for Online Auctions

Many people are finding success selling items on eBay and other auction sites. If you are selling small to medium sized items, you may have experienced difficulty in getting good pictures that show the items at their best. You don't need to invest in an expensive camera to get good pictures, you just need to know a few things about table top photography.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Iceland Trip Report June 2006

Touching down at Keflavik airport in Iceland is always a somewhat surreal experience. The lunar landscape surrounding Reykjavik's international airport feels very foreign to the pastoral fields I had left. I barely noticed the 3 hour flight from Stansted as my mind flitted excitedly about what lay before me. The last time I had fished in Iceland had been on the Laxa I Adaldal in the North, and the Laxa í Kjos in the South West, and although I had loved every minute of the contradicting fishing techniques, I had come away feeling I had barely scratched the surface. I hoped this trip might give me much more of an insight into what made 60,000 of the 297,000 population of this country obsessed with salmon fishing.

Haraldur Eiriksson (Halli), my colleague at the Reykjavik Angling Club, met me at the airport and we soon were heading north towards the area of Borgarfjördur and the fabled Nordurá, consistently one of the top three most productive rivers in Iceland. The Reykjavik Angling Club has held the lease here for 60 years, and the 55 km provides plenty of fishing for its 15 rods. It is broken down into two sections, the upper section beginning to fish later in the season.

The drive of 45 minutes wound through incredible scenery of broad glacial valleys and high peaked cliffs, and Halli gave me the history and statistical run down of each river we passed. Approximately five hours after leaving Stansted I was casting a line across Laxafoss, salmon porpoising into the tail of the pool in front of me. Nordurá is a little different to most Icelandic rivers in that it is actually quite broad, although not particularly deep. The rocks strewn bottom can be clearly seen through the gin clear water making the rifling hitch particularly exciting to fish. Often the fish are seen following the fly before they accelerate and pounce. The valley and canyon etched out by some ancient glacier provide a dramatic vista to this clear running river, punctuated in places by clouds of steam from hot springs gushing freely from the ground. A perfect way to warm up cold feet!

The Rjúpnahaed Lodge on Nordurá has to be seen to be believed, and is one of the finest I have stayed at on any salmon river. The lodge is more like a private hotel. The standard of food and attentive service are fantastic, and it is equipped with such luxuries as wireless broadband throughout the building. It is a typically Scandinavian edifice, wooden throughout, comfortable rooms with ensuite bathrooms and gallons of hot water. There are two drying rooms, one in the main building, and one at the end of the annex opposite. Both have hot air blowers to stick waders on which means no more slightly damp socks! The sitting room has the most incredible view of the Laxfoss from its windows.

The following morning we bounced out of the lodge like coiled springs, ready to do battle with those fresh fish that would have run up from the sea overnight. Halli drove us down to the coveted Stokkhylsbrot pool in the canyon, often one of the biggest producers in the early season. As we descended down the walk way the river opened up beneath us, the early morning sun lighting up the entire pool with that beautiful greenish blue colour. Polaroids were donned and the frantic scanning began. I headed down to the river while my companion scrambled further round to gain a better vantage point of the tail. I began to strip line off my reel and loosen the shoulders with a couple of Spey casts higher up the pool until I was alerted by a whistle from Halli, accompanied by frantic gesticulations that I took to mean there was a pod of fish holding in the tail.

After I had received direction from further gestures on high the line sang out across the upper riffle, and the hitched Sunray began its drift making that perfect greasy v-wake. Over the lie it travelled and I tensed up expectantly, eagerly waiting for that bulge and splash.... An ooooooh, closely followed by an aaahhhh and something muttered in Icelandic that I presumed to mean " Damn!" suggested that the fish had moved to the fly, but not taken. My heart was thumping as I punched out another Spey cast to the same length of line, again waiting as the fly bumbled over the surface and towards the lie. Nothing.. Time to change tactics. I flicked the line up, grabbed the fly and switched to a small Loop Bottle Temple Dog. Time to drift it right past its nose...

Again I punched the line out across the pool, this time with more of a square cast followed by a quick upstream mend to allow it some depth. The fly came screaming round the current and almost on cue as it passed through the lie I was rewarded with a wrench and a weight on the rod. The reel made a satisfying screech and the fish was on! Yells of encouragement came from Halli's lofty perch, and he began to scramble down the bank to help me land it. After a few good runs and some rather un-nerving head shakes, the steady side ways pressure unbalanced him and I slid him towards the bank before firmly grabbing the wrist and holding him underwater. A beautiful bar of silver, still covered in long tailed sea lice. I immediately put his head back into the current, and he revived rapidly, breaking my grip with a flick of his tail. I watched him glide across the pool in the clear water, no doubt to sulk in some sheltered lie.

The rest of the morning was spent trying to raise fish on a hitched Sunray, and having had a few fantastic silver slashes at the fly which gave us a huge sense of pleasure, nothing further actually hooked up. Rods were fastened to the car and this happy little band sped off in Halli's comfortable 4x4 to try our luck at Hitará, a mere 30 minutes drive away.

Hitará is a very different river to Nordurá, smaller and more intimate in nature. On arrival we headed inside to have a look at the fish book to see how they were getting on. The sitting room in this lovely little lodge holds one of the largest collections of stuffed birds in Iceland. It also has a magnificent window over looking the pool ten yards below it. As we sat looking at the catch statistics sipping coffee Halli spotted three salmon between six and ten pounds come gliding up through the tail of the pool, directly into the glassy section below us. We watched in awe as they hung there, almost suspended in air in the clarity of the water. A flick of their tails, and they continued on their way towards the falls.

Hitará is much more like a typical Icelandic river, complex currents, clear pools, small flies and technical fishing over its 29 kilometres. The river accommodates six rods on the main salmon section and is ideal for intact parties. A single handed rod or a really light two hander are ideal here, and anglers are rewarded with quite a number of fish over the seven pound mark. I especially enjoyed fishing the upper stretch; it is quite wild, not unlike a Hebredian river bank, and apart from a good number of salmon caught up here towards the end of July there is excellent Arctic char and trout fishing. The char have been caught up six and seven pounds and add a great diversity to the fishing if the salmon fishing is slow.

After a huge amount of fun on Hitará and a quick look at the Skuggafoss falls on Langá its neighbour, once again we saddled up and headed east. Running into the same river system as Nordurá is Glúfurá, one of the most enchanting rivers I have ever seen. Glúfurá is a three rod river, most of which is contracted through a stunning canyon that causes some fantastic pocket water, ideal for hitching small Francis and tubes. Although it is 19 km long, salmon can only navigate 13 km as far as the Klaufhamarsfoss Falls.

This river really made me excited, and is absolutely perfect for reasonably fit fishermen who enjoy stealthy technical fishing. Your first glimpse is of this turquoise clear water flowing through the canyon as you drive over the road bridge near Svignaskard, and immediately has you straining you neck to see behind you. From the edge of the canyon it is possible to peer over the edge straight in the crystal clear water about 50 ft below you. Fishing this river was an absolute joy, and I could have spent an entire week losing myself amongst its rocks, white water pockets and salmon. Stealth is definitely an asset as there is not much room to manoeuvre between the salmon and angler, but what a river for studying salmon behaviour!

The Glúfurá lodge is very new with all modern conveniences including a hot tub. There are four roomy en-suite bedrooms, and even though it comes self catering, the staff at Nordurá can bring food over from the lodge and turn this into a fully catered operation. It would be perfect for a party looking to relax and do some interesting fishing.

Continuing our path east we arrived at Grimsá. Grimsá has fantastic topography with many hard bands of volcanic rock creating some truly striking river features. There are over 70 marked pools along its 42 km length, many with exciting characters all of their own. It is a much coveted river, and has been fished by international clientele for many years...when space has become available! At the bottom of the river is yet another Laxfoss, although this one is somewhat unique. The Lodge, which even makes Nordurá look shabby, sits atop a bluff over looking the Laxafoss. Clients can actually watch salmon leaping the falls through the huge panoramic windows while they have dinner!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

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