Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Identifying the Worthiness

The important of poker strategy lies with you to be able to question others about how strong and true they are about the kind of raise or re-raise they are making against you. There is going to be a kind of inbuilt solidity in the poker strategy of a player that truly has a strong hand. There will be some true commitment in the poker strategy they employ along with some ease of decision making, some naturalness and some smoothness. If all these are a part of the poker strategy you need to understand that they are doing it honestly without any kind of fear that will be prevalent in those that are bluffing.

Another way of identifying the worthiness of your poker strategy will be to question yourself on whether you are already beat. In most cases if you are about to loose the response tells of most of the players will tell that you have already lost, but the trouble comes when you are not able to hear it the way it is and you keep moving on. In low limit poker games you need to make your poker strategy to move in the situation of matching up your folds based on how certain the opponents are sure that you are already beaten.

Players that are using a poker strategy with a foundation of bluffs when they are playing against players that are not bluffing and are still confident, it might be that they are strong and might not fold to all your bluffs and false mimics. This kind of naturalness is difficult to fake with bluffs. A true winner will be showing expressions of just trying for time to lapse to just run out with the pot. So, if your bluffs are showing out such expressions from the opponent, it might be that they have realized you are bluffing.

Poker strategy that is of the multi-opponent bluffing might not work many times. The more number of opponents, the less likely is the bluff to work magic. The lesser the number of opponents, the better would it be for the bluffer. This can be tricky in situations where the opponents might not guess that you will bluff against to many opponents; they might fold a stronger hand in multiple opponent bets. The players that are with moderate hands might also fold if you bluff aggressively, the weak players might still be up despite all your aggressive bets, if you are strong than them you win!

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