Monday, November 4, 2013

Spirit of Christmas

Of all the festivals in the year, it is Christmas season that is the most popular worldwide. A warm feeling spreads through you with the thought of the long holiday season looming excitingly large over the horizon. It is all about love and sharing, giving and graciously receiving. In that spirit you pull out your list of gifts to get family and friends.

Shopping early helps you enjoy every minute of it, because isn't it all about the spirit of joy? Then again, even if you are running behind schedule, settle down in the warmth and luxury of your own home and let Spacify do the rest. This website has Christmas gifts, home décor ideas and something for just about everyone you can think of, in a range to suit every pocket and requirement. There is nothing more satisfying than a well-planned budget to add to that already warm feeling of giving and sharing. All it takes is a quick glance through the new range that offers attractive and excitingly unique gift items.

Start with the budget gifts for the discerning. At under $50, the Streamline Cab (Black) is a shiny-nosed smoothly crafted temptation that any child would love to possess. This classic wooden toy makes a pleasant change from molded plastic that has flooded their little world. Then again, when you wish for that little extra indulgence for your niece or nephew, at under $ 250, the Rocking Horse (Red) is a steal. This Playsam's glossy piece is completely child-safe and a must-have to brighten any child's heart. You would go right to the top of the list as 'favourite' uncle or aunt.

Benign and happy thoughts take you beyond family and friends to colleagues at work. You remember a kind deed you would like to repay beyond a mere 'thank you'. Then why take that mandatory vintage, when you can take the wine rack instead. Stand by and watch as the bugsy look creates a stir. This Wine Bug sits, it stands, it pours, all for under $50!

As your long list gets shorter, treat yourself to a personal piece of furniture you know will grab the attention of all who visit. The Pantone chair in Red for under $100 can add the right festive tone to your existing modern chair collection.

When it comes to family, the sky's the limit, though this time you don't have to go all that way. The Wine Sequoia at under $250 could be the answer as an unusual gift idea that will give them something you know they would truly appreciate and this particular tree stacks a stronger punch than the beautiful Christmas tree sparkling in the hall.

Holiday gifts for the family can get tricky. Do you know their tastes? It is an adventure you begin that ends satisfactorily at Spacify. Delve deeper, let the colours of Yule tide guide you in your choice through the range of under the $500 items of unique Christmas gifts that will remain a silent reminder the whole year through. Take the sturdy Flo ladder for instance. With this, you just cannot miss your step! Compact and elegant it is this year's choicest for any home.

Who wouldn't love a funky Shower curtain! This transparent sheet is covered with the designer's own signature, the Space Monkey. While it may not be in the colours of Christmas, it carries all the warmth of a personal gift.

The Good Luck Fireplace tools come packaged with the magic words...easy to clean! As a home décor gift, this set will surely be warmly received.

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